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Kamran Afshar Associates, Inc. (KAA) is a consulting firm specializing in market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and economic analysis. KAA has been providing clients with professional analytical services since 1988, Indeed we pride ourselves on supplying our clients with detailed information and insightful analysis they need to guide strategic planning and key corporate decision-making. All KAA research projects are designed and conducted within a rigorous scientific framework and an overriding requirement to have direct business application. This provides the client with results that are reliable, and can be put into action with full confidence.

Question of the Week:

Unemployment rate is at its lowest rate since before the Great Recession, when do you think it will drop below 5%?

  • Spring 2015 (17%)
  • Summer 2015 (37%)
  • Fall 2015 (20%)
  • Winter 2016 (12%)
  • None of the above (14%)